It's like traveling through Italy without leaving your kitchen!

We aim to share a real Italian experience - not just the food but the whole culture and history of Italy as well as real (Italian built). "When you go to Italy, you're going to 20 countries. Each region has its own culture, its own food and own traditions".  The traditions, heritage and the noble manner in which our family approaches our business is the same manner in which they approach our family life with love, pride and dedication.

We have developed enduring relationships with our Italian suppliers (small farmers and vneyards), enabling us to source the best quality products at some of the most competitive prices in the market.

We pride ourselves on offering the structure of a small organization with the personal touch of a family business.

Just because … We are a real Italian Family company establish in UK to offer authentic Italian food and wine direct from artisan producers at the best price for the best quality!

New Month to Month

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Month to Month Plan @ £40/cycle
4 artisanal products, a story from Italy and 2 traditional homemade recipes
£40.00 / 4 piece(s) *
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Delivery period: 5 working days

New Every 2 Month

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Every 2 Month Plan @ £60/cycle
6 artisanal products, a story from Italy and 3 traditional homemade recipes
£60.00 *
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New 3 Month PrePay

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Pay for 3 months in advance and save on the cost of each.The featured coincides with 4 artisanal products and 1 bottle of wine included, a story from Italy and 2 traditional homemade recipes.

£120.00 *
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